My Story




I am a self taught artist and currently live in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Growing up, I always loved doing creative activities at home, one of my favourite memories being me and my brother in my Grandpas drawing room. Throughout my working life I have had this yearning to paint and recently I have been able to spend time learning and experimenting with colours and techniques which has been so fulfilling and enjoyable.

 Many of my paintings start from a small idea often inspired by the wonders of nature I see on my daily walks with Zoe, my lovely little dog. Colour and vibrancy are central to my art and I love how an idea can evolve and develop on the canvas into an uplifting and joyful painting. I often use a technique called blob painting which creates an amazing texture on my originals, creating a sense that the parts of the painting is popping out. 

 I am a mixed media artist with my favourite medium being acrylic as it gives the depth and strength of colour I love to create.

" All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.

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